2015 – The Year of Ingathering

It's 2015. On Sunday, January 11th, I took some powerful notes while Joey Turner of Encounter Church was speaking about this new year and thought I would share them with you here. Let's set out to make this year our best year yet. What has been … [Read more]

Find and Build Your Strengths

Each of us has natural strengths and weaknesses. We all have unique qualities and character traits that differentiates us from one another. That's what makes us who we are. I recently listened to a Dave Ramsey Entreleadership podcast hosted by … [Read more]

Refuse to Settle

In a time where so many people are looking to do just enough to get by, we need to make the conscious decision to be the one who goes above and beyond. We need to be the one who refuses to settle. Refuse to settle for anything less than your best … [Read more]

Are You Talking or Listening?

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that our anatomy provides us with two ears and one mouth. Sometimes, we can act like we have two mouths and one ear. We all can probably think of at least one person who when talking to them, you can't get a word in … [Read more]

Don’t Hate the Hurdles

There are probably few people that hate problems more than me. I like everything to go smooth and easy with no hurdles or challenges. There's probably an argument for me being a perfectionist. I just like things to go "right", the first … [Read more]

Maintenance Is Important

When I was a kid, I loved playing in my turtle sandbox. It was one of those big green plastic turtles that had a removeable "shell" covering the sand. I'd spend hours playing in that sandbox, but when I was done I wouldn't always remember to put the … [Read more]

Be Persistent

As the simple saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Taking the first step can sometimes be the hardest. Unfortunately, the first step may not be the one that sets everything into motion. Oftentimes, it requires being … [Read more]